Monday, December 17, 2007 coming very soon...

Hello! I would like to welcome everyone to my company's official blog! My name is Jeremy Campbell, founder of a social media platform for the web's coolest videos. This site will feature the top, coolest, and most creative online video entertainment.

We will be posting blogs on a fairly regular basis (beginning early 2008) so please subscribe to either our RSS or ATOM feed to consistently get our new posts.

This blog will discuss the evolution of online video, and how many top creators are now producing quality entertainment for viewers, and showcasing interactive marketing value for advertisers. Online video is aggressively competing for attention against the traditionally large media production companies, as we enter a new interactive media landscape.

This blog will engage those who are most passionately involved in this new form of social media, and will hopefully spark some very important conversations around this topic.

Perhaps the most important part of this blog will discuss how web video is dramatically improving because of collaboration between creators, editors, and with viewer feedback.

The team at UnleashVideo is very excited about the release of , and can't wait to begin building an enriched community around cool web video entertainment.