Thursday, August 7, 2008

Early Web Video Studios

We are starting to see a few web video studios bubble up as the space becomes more attractive thanks to the engagement of viewers and the opportunity for advertisers.

Studios like 60 Frames, Turn Here, ManiaTV, and EQAL are the notable early players. Their models for the most part seem to be the opposite of traditional TV Networks in that they seek to find sponsors for their content before they even begin production. As time passes by we will see more integrated sponsorship opportunities, making producers more accountable for the interactive content they must create for brands.

I think many of the larger traditional players are motivated to throw money into these companies so they don't "miss the boat on this new thing" and so they have a social media entertainment presence for the future when their current active model becomes obsolete.

Which of the above 4 mentioned studios will be around in 5 years time has yet to be determined, they should all be as long as they understand they can't have all the creative control, and must surrender to viewer's ideas and input. Instead of a traditional production team having just a few people to rely on for its shows success, content must originate from a bottom up model where thousands of people and critics play major roles throughout the shows entire lifespan.

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