Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Own Twitter

I focus 95% of my blogging efforts towards discussing my passion which is web video. But today my post is about a relatively new company that just introduced the ability to trade web start-up stocks for fun online. It's called The Startup Exchange by TradeVibes and what you get is $100,000 of capital to invest in a stock index of 50 companies, which in the real world are venture capital backed enterprises.

I must admit that I'm getting pretty addicted to the concept and it's also a great way to learn about the web, the start-up community, and investing in general. My portfolio consists of only 3 companies (FriendFeed, Twitter, and Qik) as I sold off some of my early "dogs" and since joining yesterday my net worth has risen to $100,764.46. The top trader has a net worth of $110,986.02 but has likely sacrificed many hours to achieve this level of short term success.

Today we are trading these companies for fun, but with the web evolving, growing, and maturing, I'm sure that within a couple years we will see some top companies filing for their IPO's (Facebook and LinkedIn are potential candidates I believe) where we can put our real money to work. I have strongly considered investing into Google, Yahoo, and Ebay, but was reluctant to and now maybe it's already a bit too late. However, if YouTube can be successfully monetized I will take another strong look at Google.

If you decide to test your web company investment skills I offer my best wishes to you, and hopefully I will see you on the leader board sooner rather than later.

Update: I'm (JeremyTrades) now 11th on the net worth list, and 6th on the highest return list.

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