Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics + Web Video = Success

Web video is really starting to take flight through new technologies, social media, low-cost but high quality video production equipment and editing tools, collaboration, and now with the 2008 Olympics. Results are very positive early on as millions of people have been streaming, downloading, and enjoying the world's most prestigious sporting venue.

This marks the first big year that the Olympics and Web Video have really come together and unleashed viewership options like never before. If you still haven't tapped the web for the Olympics check out this post by NewTeeVee and visit NBC's official Olympic site to begin your experience.

I'm very interested to see the web video statistics after the Olympics conclude to see how many new web video viewers the games bring in. Or maybe the numbers dictate that not many new web video viewers were attracted, and that only the current audience looked to the web for their Olympic content?

Will the Olympics have a dramatic and sustainable impact on the web video industry going forward?

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