Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seth MacFarlane Unleashes Web Series

OK I'll admit it, I'm a huge Family Guy fan which is created by none other than the infamous Seth MacFarlane. I was really happy to learn awhile back that Seth had teamed up with Google to create an original series named Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. A total of 50 videos will be released, with an expected 1-2 videos/week. The release schedule is pretty much non-existent so viewers won't know when to expect a new video. At the conclusion of every video, it would be nice to see when the next video is to follow as I think it would create a more dedicated, stronger, and consistent following for the series.

The series debuted this week with 2 episodes named $25,000 Pyramid, and Super Mario Rescues The Princess, and is sponsored by Burger King. They both have that Family Guy like entertainment to them, but I wonder if we will continue to just see random clips throughout the entire series with no story line continuation, my guess is yes. Either way I think the series will be an overall success in many regards, and if all goes well in these initial 50 videos there could be another deal for 50 more next year.

I enjoyed an interesting Q&A interview with Seth regarding the series. Perhaps most notably was the confession that he wasn't exactly sure how to tackle the creation process, and how he had difficulties adjusting his regular TV strategy, to a web strategy. Also discussed was when the series was created, an interesting time considering it was during the WGA strike last winter. It makes me wonder if this series would have ever existed without the strike, my guess is no it wouldn't have been. This is another example of how the strike has benefited the web video industry going forward.

I hope this series can be a poster-child for additional TV creators to take a serious look at producing original content for the web, and the benefits that it offers. 2 videos down, 48 to go, enjoy.

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