Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Now Part of the Triiibe

This is a follow up post to one I did in July regarding Seth Godin's new book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us. 

The skinny: I got on the pre-order list for the new book which got me into Seth's social network Triiibes. I have already got some great value out of the network from the community which has offered great advice on everything from books to read, to people to connect with. So it has been a very engaged and intimate experience (with under 4,000 people) who are all very much into social media and the web. 

Seth told everyone that the book would be shipping sometime in November (or December I can't quite remember) but I already have my very own copy thanks to his belief in under promising and over delivering. 

But Seth always takes things to the next level and this time he asked everyone to send him remarkable pictures of themselves so that he could feature tons of people on the book's inner cover, a very tribe-like idea. So I did that taking some pics of myself with an original milk carton that he gave away some time ago while promoting the book Purple Cow. Find me on the 3rd panel (from left to right), 5 rows up, and 7 rows in (from right to left), and make me feel like Waldo. It feels great that I'm part of the book, something that last forever, a piece of Godin history if you will. 

Seth is all about sharing so he gave everyone a complimentary book to share with their friends, and help word of mouth promote the book vs a costly (read ineffective) advertising campaign. He also included a letter in the free book which reads: 


Here's a gift. 

No strings attached. 

I want to thank you for believing in the Triiibe, for signing up sight unseen, for buying a book you hadn't read yet, hadn't heard about yet, hadn't browsed yet. 

You went first, took the lead, took a (small) chance with your money and a big chance with your time. 


Here's an advance copy of Tribes. An early copy, for you, before anyone else gets one. Please read it and keep it. And when the one you paid for comes, I hope you'll give that one away. In two weeks or so, when it arrives from the bookseller, take that second copy and spread the word. If all you do is file it away, I've failed. 

I write books so people will spread the ideas inside. I write them to change things, to give a name to something that might be invisible and to give you a tool to make the change you hope to see in the world. 

Working with you (and the rest of the Triiibe) is the entire purpose of my career. I hope you'll put this gift to good work and give it to someone who needs it. 

Thanks again, 


Wow, how cool is that and how it relates to social media marketing. I have already sent Seth a thank you email (and several over the years) to tell him how he makes the community of his personal brand feel special and part of something that makes meaning. 

I just had to share this story with you because I love what Seth does, and I think we can all learn a thing or two from him which helps us become better people not only in business but in our overall lives as well. 

Do you need my copy of Seth's book? If I was to give it away to you how would you help Seth (and me) spread the good word? Let me know with a comment below, or email 

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