Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let's get this party started

I haven't written a blog for 12 days which is the longest I've gone in months, and over the last couple days I've actually gone into blog-withdrawal. I've been doing a lot of micro-blogging on Twitter and Friendfeed, but it's good to be back writing a post in excess of 140 characters. 

So many things have been happening over at Here's a short list. 

1. Our video encoding is now a lot high than before and we've reconverted all of our existing videos into the new high resolution format. 
2. We now allow 250MB/upload, an upgrade from 100MB/upload. 
3. We have released the 1st season of Assisted Living, here's the 1st webisode and here's a direct link to the channel. Please watch, share with your friends, and rate the videos. Season 2 is coming December 9th, and will debut exclusively on our site. It promises to be funnier with more sexual appeal. 
4. Viewers no longer need to have an account to rate a video. 
5. We have added additional social bookmarking options from Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Buzz, and Mixx to each video page. 
6. You can now follow creator's channels by visiting a channel page and clicking on the "Follow" button. This is a great way to stay updated on your favorite content through email. 
7. We are expecting a few great new videos this upcoming week and expect to attract many more going forward. Our content niche is quality entertainment with a focus on web shows, and fun to watch 2-5 minute long videos. 

We are soon planning to add a discussions forum, and a side bar to display our most important features on every page of the site for easy access. We hope these 2 features increase site engagement, and allow us to build a more connected, passionate, and dedicated audience. 

Our goal is to continue to position the site as differently as we possibly can from the likes of YouTube, and the other video share websites. If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback, or questions I would love to address them. 

Contact me at, or on any of my social media profiles across the web. 

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