Friday, May 30, 2008

Prize Incentive For Creators

If you are a top web video creator you may already have some of your top videos featured on our site. If you don't, you may want to get an account and get started today.

For all our active video creators (and new ones we approve over the next couple weeks) we will be making an incentive offer to you guys and gals beginning early next week (likely Monday).

Stay tuned for that (unless you don't like to win cool prizes) and have a great weekend. If you have some spare time on your hands, and have an entertaining video just sitting on your computer's hard drive, or if you just created a new video unleash it to us for review.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We Just Added a Dash Of Flash

So we've been working on a mini-flash project for a little while now, and today we sent it live on the site. You can view it on every page, just below our social networks and bookmarking icons.

Our hope is that this feature will allow people to easily and quickly navigate from video to video, in a fun and cool way.

We plan on using more flash on the site, making everything more interactive, and providing a more enriched overall experience.

If you have a cool flash idea for the site, contact us and let us know what it is. If we love it as much as you do, it could soon appear on the site for ALL to love and enjoy :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thumbnail Changes Forever

We just put a new feature into the site (special thanks to Edward Kent) where you can change your video's thumbnail image, for the entire duration of its lifetime. We're told this is a pretty unique feature, so we're proud to be able to provide this to each of our creators.

So you can play around to see what gets views to maximize each video's chance of becoming popular, and earning as many views as possible.

All you need to do is click the view thumbnails image on any of your videos (in your account), and choose the thumbnail you want to use. It doesn't get any easier than this folks.

If you have a site request, contact us to let us know what it is, and let us work our development magic to make it happen for you.

Views Are Coming

Some creators have been a bit shy to unleash their videos onto the site (, just because they don't see thousands of views on any of the current videos.

Our strategy remains to get 200-300 quality videos, before we start to really market, promote, and push the site into the social web spotlight. As of right now, every view is likely because of some random search by some random people. We haven't even invited most of our closest friends to the site at this point, so don't let lack of views disinterest you.

Once July comes around, we will unleash our mission to really attract tons of attention from people all over the web for your entertaining videos.

From my team's research, we have concluded that the earliest videos on the top video sharing sites seem to have (on average) the most overall views. So don't leave your coolest videos to sit and rot on your computer's hard drive, get an account, and unleash them now.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mac Creators, Now Is Your Time To Shine

Right on, so we now have .mov format compatibility for the site, and we've raised our accepted file limit size from 30MB's to 100MB's. So all you Mac creators out there can now do your thing without worrying about converting your videos to a different format, or compressing like crazy to get under 30MB's. This is exciting news as many creators wanted to become a creator on the site, but didn't want to experience the above challenges.

We will also be releasing a cool flash thumbnail app, to allow viewers to easily navigate from video to video quickly, and in a fun way. This should be good to go early next week, so keep your eyes open for this one.

We are also working on allowing creators to choose from a collection of thumbnails for each of their videos. This will provide the ability to choose a unique thumbnail for each video, and allow for changes along the way to see what works best to maximize viewer clicks and engagement. This should be done and ready to indulge sometime next week.

All of our new projects will now be chosen via our viewers, creators, and editors, so the future of the site is in YOUR hands. Show off your ideas, creativity, and remarkableness to suggest how YOU want to be. Tell us right now, just fill in the "Ideas or Feedback?" field in the top right hand corner of the site, and hit us up.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How To Become a UV Creator

We are starting to get the attention of top web creators. Many ask similar questions, so we put together a video that teaches you how to become a creator on our site.

It's just a simple, and quick video, but hopefully it inspires you to take action with your coolest videos.

See the video below.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

VIP Services For Creators...

So we've been hearing from creators (a handful) that they are highly interested in the site, but have created videos on other video websites before so they are a bit lazy to do it all over again for this one. Hey, no problem, we would be happy to assist in the setup process. And plus chances are that less than 25% of your videos are cool enough for the site anyways, so there will be less leg work than other sites which you have spent the time uploading 100% of your videos to.

Put us in the services business, we are happy to give our creators the VIP treatment. Just email us your videos (your top ones only please), we will get your account rolling, and send you all the information you need to manage your account in the future.

This is just another way we look to be different than the other video sharing sites out there. Yes, we do dare to be different.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Damn MOV's...

It's very exciting around here right now, we are inviting top creators to unleash their videos on the site (about 70 creator spots left), we are working on a cool flash tool, and we are laying the foundation for our next major development, which we believe will really help the overall online video industry to grow.

We expect the site to boast around 100 videos by the end of the weekend, but we do have one minor inconvenience which is we don't currently convert unleashed videos that are in .mov format. We are aggressively working towards a solution since many creators tend to use Final Cut Pro or other Apple products which produce mov's.

We are providing a complimentary service where creators can send us their mov's, and we convert them to a format which our site will accept. So if you're a creator needing this service, we would be happy to help you :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Wanted: Top Web Video Creators

Success! We are ready to rock and roll here @ After a long development roller coaster, we have finally put together our 1st beta release which we feel is unique, fun, and cool. This site is dedicated to everyone who made this release possible (our friends, family, investors, development team, collaborators from around the world, and our private beta testers).

We are now in the process of inviting top online video creators to unleash their videos. But wait, we are working to become the pickiest web video upload site so our process is a bit different than others. First a creator gets an account (OK this is obvious), and then must send us their web links (URL's) to their existing videos. We then fully review the links and content to see if the creator's video resume meets our lofty standards. Many creators will be turned down, but the elite will be granted access to release their top videos for our viewing audience.

We are limiting access to just 100 creators initially, which will help us to engage in conversations surrounding the future direction of this site going forward (we strongly value our creators opinions). We strive to give the people what they want, so all outside ideas and feedback will be leveraged for future site design, functionality (interactivity and collaboration are two main focuses), and overall community building.

If you are a top web video creator, or have a buddy who is, please visit, get an account, and send us links for review (by clicking Unleash Now in the upper right handed corner). If you can't be one of our prestigious creators, you can always be one of our passionate viewers who watch, share, and bookmark videos.

No matter what your use for our site, we hope you enjoy it, have fun on it, engage with it, share it, bookmark it, rate it, and in time love it like we do :)