Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Complimentary Sponsorship Spots Available

We are developing a "side-bar" add on for our site which will allow viewers to easily sign up for our weekly top videos, our newsletter, and subscribe to our video RSS feed. We expect to debut this new section within a week.

We are also launching a sponsorship area just below the above section with 8 spots for brands to gain exposure to our viewing audience. Spots are similar to what you see here, located on the right side a few inches down under the section "Sponsors".

The spots are available at no cost for February and (maybe) March. We are being picky though, and are only extending the offer to web video and podcast companies that have offerings or messages relevant to our viewership.

Do you have content or products that appeal to young creative adults (aged 18-34)? Would you like a complimentary spot?

Contact with your request, or leave a comment below with your site's URL for us to look at.

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