Monday, January 5, 2009

What's Next for Web Video?

Back in 2005 a little web video start-up named YouTube came along and quickly changed how video was broadcasted and shared. Since then we have seen some new innovations in the web video space such as live video, but nothing as significant as what YouTube accomplished some 4 years ago. 

My question now is what's the next big wave for web video? 

I believe that we are going to see creators, producers, writers, and actors come together to create their own studios from the bottom up, and ultimately challenge not just new web studios, but in time the traditional studio powerhouses that have existed for many decades. 

We are already seeing many actors and writers shifting their attention to the web, as rigid studios seek to control their intellectual properties with lack of regard to the people who made the content possible in the first place. Just like many music artists have gone the independent route, the next media to follow suit will be video producers. 

The power is now in the hands of the people as we enter a new shift in the way videos are created and produced. A new disruptive movement is just getting started, forcing entertainment studios to change in order to be viable in this new competitive landscape.

My company (Socially Collaborative Media, Inc.) is developing a connection/collaboration platform for producing video entertainment, that essentially allows anyone to create their very own on-demand studio and produce quality content that they couldn't otherwise do alone. 

We are on track to release in a few weeks as a private beta, with the goal of collaboratively transforming the video entertainment production model from how it exists today.

Do you think nextgen studios will be the next big wave for web video?  

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