Monday, February 9, 2009

Forcing Blog Posts

I haven't written a post here since January 21st, and it's something that I've really started to miss doing over the last few days. 

This has happened for 4 main reasons. 

Firstly, because I'm occupied managing our video sharing site, secondly because I'm working hard with my development team for the upcoming release of our web video connection platform, thirdly because I'm writing an interesting ebook manifesto for the release, and last but not least because everytime that I actually did get time to write I just couldn't think of anything out of this world interesting, and was trying to force something out of myself. 

I've learned that blogging can't be about forcing, but rather you must just let your passion speak for itself no matter what the subject or topic may be. 

So today I would like to mention the current book I'm reading Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki. This book is very simple to read and provides no "bull shiitake" on how to become a better entrepreneur. 

Guy is an out of the box thinker who is a former Apple evangelist, venture capitalist, book author, active Twitter member, and is the co-founder and CEO of AllTop

If you are looking for a book to help guide, inspire, inform, entertain, educate, and essentially get your creative juices flowing, then I would strongly recommend this brilliant 94 mini-chapter book. 

And especially if you are an entrepreneur or soon to be one who needs a reality check on how hard it really is to start, and manage a successful company. Just like his Art of the Start is a must read for someone wanting to start something, Reality Check is another must read in my opinion. 

Bonus: If you are looking for some other book gems out there you should check out this one, this purple one, and if you're into social media this book will inspire you to be the next webpreneur gazillionaire. 

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