Friday, June 12, 2009

8 Ways For How To Build Your Social Capital

So what exactly is social capital you may be wondering.

According to Wikipedia, social capital is a social science concept used in business that refers to connections within and between social networks. Simply put I believe it's how well you're connected and how influential you are throughout the social web.

We all want to have more followers and fans online, but how can we attract more attention that gives us more leverage to promote and market our websites, products, services, and perhaps most importantly our personal brand?

Here is a list of 8 ways you can earn more social capital.

1. Offer value - if you have information or intelligence that others would find useful, share it with the world. I have only just recently started to post my research and my discoveries while I'm online, and it's really helped to raise my overall profile as a result.

2. Engage - reach out to like-minded individuals and help them out in some way. Use Twitter Search to join conversations that you want to be part of.

3. Retweet - if someone tweets something you find interesting then don't be afraid to retweet it to your followers. I have done this on many occations and got many new followers using this strategy.

4. Cross promote - on your Twitter page, create a custom background that lists where your other profiles exist. You can view my personal page as an example.

5. Be authentic - you should strive to become a trustworthy person with all the content you create and are part of.

6. Be interesting - if you are reading an informative blog or article, watching a cool video, or playing around with a great website be sure to push that out to your existing followers and new followers you seek to attract. I like to use the service to shorten and analyze the click throughs that my links receive.

7. Be human - you got to act like a real human being so don't be afraid to show emotion and your true personality. Act like you would in the "real world", and don't be an annonymous hater or spammer.

8. Look at things from other's perspectives - view your content and accounts from an outsider's point of view. Would you want to follow yourself? If not then you have a problem and likely need to improve things before you can successfully raise your social capital.

What strategies do you use to build your social capital?

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