Friday, June 5, 2009

Trusting Online Video Statistics

This year finally looks like the year where standards in online video advertising will begin to be put in place. I'm very supportive of this initiative because it makes the buying and selling of ads easier, and essentially validates this early marketplace poised for large growth over the next several years. 

Then I read a blog post which says that online video views may be miscalculated and over inflated. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you think about how the industry is working on building trust with advertisers, then if this group can't trust the analytics tracking views and engagement one might start to wonder how useful standard ad units are for the medium? 

Other interesting speculation is that the TV screen is responsible for 99% of all video views. I believe that this is most certainly coming from TV executives aiming to protect their business models, to further control distribution and advertising, and to deflect the threat that online video poses to its medium going forward. 

It sounds to me that there are lots of companies out there that stand to gain from favorable statistics, and that sooner or later there needs to be third parties which can provide more reliable numbers that everyone in the overall video space can both trust and invest into. 

What do you think about the online video statistics debate?

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