Thursday, February 26, 2009

Personal vs Corporate Blogs

I recently had a social media audit done by Mark Evans to get his advice on what our video sharing site does well, and not so well regarding our use of social media. 

One of his top recommendations was that I keep this site for my personal blog, that we use WordPress for our site's internal blog, and to essentially keep them seperate. After revisiting the benefits for doing so, it was clear that the switch had to be soon made. 

I had thought of doing this before, but didn't do anything about it since there were so many other projects in the queue just begging to be taken from the idea phase to implementation. 

While there are more projects than ever before to manage (including our soon to be privately launched web video studio connection/collaboration platform), I have moved this blogging shift to near the top of the list. So over the next couple of weeks the switch will be finally made to seperate the two. 

Like most bloggers, I would like to find more time to write more posts and get more involved within the interactive blogosphere. 

The benefits of blogging may not always seem so obvious, but it really is incredible to think how writing skills improve over time, as well as indirect entrepreneurial ones too. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Exactly Is a Private Beta?

My company Socially Collaborative Media, Inc. is soon releasing a connection/collaboration platform for web video entertainment. We are releasing it as a private beta but we keep asking ourselves the same question, which is "how private does it need to be to be considered a private beta?". 

After doing some research on this it seems to me that other sites who are in private beta status only allow "outsiders" to view their About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and other general links AT MOST. So the private part appears to be where people need invite codes to access features like posting a profile, getting access to core features, and to engage with the site's community. 

I guess our private beta isn't totally private because we intend to allow individuals without an invite key to submit a production idea, vote on production ideas, view active projects, view profiles, and allow for forum involvement. 

So do we have a semi-private beta on our hands? Should we make it completely private or leave it relatively open? 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Forcing Blog Posts

I haven't written a post here since January 21st, and it's something that I've really started to miss doing over the last few days. 

This has happened for 4 main reasons. 

Firstly, because I'm occupied managing our video sharing site, secondly because I'm working hard with my development team for the upcoming release of our web video connection platform, thirdly because I'm writing an interesting ebook manifesto for the release, and last but not least because everytime that I actually did get time to write I just couldn't think of anything out of this world interesting, and was trying to force something out of myself. 

I've learned that blogging can't be about forcing, but rather you must just let your passion speak for itself no matter what the subject or topic may be. 

So today I would like to mention the current book I'm reading Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki. This book is very simple to read and provides no "bull shiitake" on how to become a better entrepreneur. 

Guy is an out of the box thinker who is a former Apple evangelist, venture capitalist, book author, active Twitter member, and is the co-founder and CEO of AllTop

If you are looking for a book to help guide, inspire, inform, entertain, educate, and essentially get your creative juices flowing, then I would strongly recommend this brilliant 94 mini-chapter book. 

And especially if you are an entrepreneur or soon to be one who needs a reality check on how hard it really is to start, and manage a successful company. Just like his Art of the Start is a must read for someone wanting to start something, Reality Check is another must read in my opinion. 

Bonus: If you are looking for some other book gems out there you should check out this one, this purple one, and if you're into social media this book will inspire you to be the next webpreneur gazillionaire.