Wednesday, April 1, 2009's Private Beta

Awhile back I mentioned that my company (Socially Collaborative Media, Inc.) was developing a connection/collaboration website for producing web video content. I'm proud to announce that the final touches and tweaks are being done, the logo will be done tomorrow, and we are very excited to finally show the public what we've been working so hard on for the past few months. Providing that everything goes according to plan (knock on wood) this new website named Spidvid should be ready for next week. 

I have to admit that throughout this process, has taken a bit of a back seat to Spidvid, but the focus will soon shift to both websites simultaneously since all content gets uploaded to UnleashVideo. There are plans to bring on video sharing distribution partners in the future, but until the successful exit of the private beta, UnleashVideo is the default. 

Our goal for Spidvid is to help connect video creators, producers, directors, actors, editors, designers, narrators, animation artists, and other related production professionals so that quality video content can exist without having to invest money towards attracting talented individuals. So whatever each individual on a team puts into the content, they are credited and rewarded according to how each video does in the marketplace. 

I think it's time that creators can join a website where they can get access to human capital that they wouldn't normally get access to. Creators who have passion for elevating their content's production and entertainment quality will be empowered by a network where they can do more with less. 

I also think it's time that professionals can join a website where they can be part of video projects from the ground up, rather than wasting their time trying to get lame jobs at large studios where they have their own corporate agendas. 

The website also provides a production ideas section where anyone can submit an idea, and anyone can rate an idea, even without private beta access. The cream always rises to the top, so the ideas that attract the most thumbs up are ranked high and displayed towards the top of pages, and the ideas that attract the most thumbs down are ranked low and displayed towards the bottom of pages. Creators have the right to use any posted idea to transform the dreamed up idea into a video reality. Now everyone can play a role in the creation process regardless of who they are, or where they come from. 

It's time that the traditional video studio model opens up to become more transparent, accessible, connected, and collaborative. I hope that in time that individuals in the video industry who want to create change, get behind a movement, and foster a new model for creation and production find a destination where they can be part of something bigger than themselves. 

I won't claim that the interface is perfect, that all the core features are in place, that there are no bugs, or that the site is ready for prime time. But I believe that with the help of a dedicated community investing their time, skills, and talent, a special tribe will evolve to transform the video space as we currently know it today. 

If you would like a private beta invite code all you need to do is follow Spidvid on Twitter, and either send a direct message, or an @ reply. 

I will write a post when Spidvid officially makes its world debut.